As an experienced yacht broker and boat purchaser I have found that the biggest obstacle to acquiring a boat is getting your wife to agree to it. She will come up with all sorts of objections and when all have been overcome she will say something like: “If you are SURE that’s what you REALLY want then go ahead”. If you go ahead and then something doesn’t turn out quite the way you expected you will get the “I told you so but you insisted”.

So how does one go about convincing your partner that the acquisition of a boat is a good idea? In the first place you yourself have to be fully committed to the idea and the consequences of turning the idea into really. Insincerity or doubt is the one thing that most females are able to detect at distance. Secondly you are not buying a boat you are selling a dream. Acronyms like VHF, Radar or AIS are of no relevance to the female of the species. She is not turned on by Boys’ Toys. You need to sell her the dream and the personal benefits that will accrue to her as co-boat owner.

There is a long list of things that will attract a female as a boating partner. The idea of any easy life sipping G&Ts on the aft deck. Swimming in the cool clear waters off the Balearic Islands. You preparing barbecues in the long summer evenings relieving her of cooking duties. A lovely comfortable interior with which to impress her friends.

Under no circumstances share any thoughts of doing any real sailing with her. Most girls are not into overnight passages or interminable hours or days at sea. If you want to cross the Atlantic then sell her the benefits of cruising in the Caribbean. She can fly out to St Lucia, Bahamas or any of those exotic places she’s always wanted to go but that you’ve been too mean to take her to because you were squirreling away into the boat fund. If she isn’t interested in the Caribbean then you can always use your trump car. Sell the benefits of your long absence! She’ll be able to visit her mother, grandchildren or those awful friends you can’t stand whilst you power your was across the Atlantic!