The planning has started. The shortest intercontinental yacht rally is on for the 30th June this year!

We have already been given support for the rally from some key sponsors; Ocean Village and Boatshed Gibraltar have re-committed to be the headline sponsors once more this year. We will be auctioning a haul out and anti-fouling courtesy of Isla Verde Yacht Centre in Algeciras with International Paints. A well-known insurance company (name withheld for now) will also be sponsoring the event. We expect to get support from some of our regular sponsors, but at the time of writing we are unable to confirm names.

This year, we have come up against the complication of being victim to our own success. In 2016, we rounded up nearly 50 boats, which was a record number of participants for the Ocean Village Boatshed Gibraltar - Morocco Yacht Rally. There are not very many marinas that can cope with the arrival of 50 boats over a couple of hours and accommodate them safely. However, as Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist is someone who sees problems in every opportunity, whereas the optimist sees an opportunity in every problem.” With this in mind, we are currently working on a number of solutions that will enable us to not have to limit participation.

The Skippers’ Briefing will be held at Dusk at Ocean Village at 19:00 on the 29th June. We will need to have entry forms completed and paid for by the 31st May. Only by doing this can we know how many “goodie bags’ we need to prepare. If you want to take part make us aware of your intentions either by going to: or emailing us at: This will enable us to add your email to the distribution list.

Last year we had so many prizes at the prize giving that the whole process dragged into valuable dancing and socialising time so we’ve decided to raffle half the prizes at the Skippers’ Briefing. We’ve also decided to have more prizes for the fancy dress event; there were so many superb costumes that the effort that goes into them needs to be rewarded.

The Ocean Village Boatshed Gibraltar - Morocco Yacht Rally is not only the shortest intercontinental yacht rally, but is also known as the most sociable yacht rally in the world. Participation is open to all yachts, big and small. There is even a prize for the yacht that travels from the furthest port to participate. Last year the rally raised over £10,000 for the Red Cross - this year we hope to emulate, and even surpass, this success!