If yachts were people Mr. Mustang and Joanine should really get together. He is strong, full of character, a man about the world who has seen and done everything, a sort of Bernie Ecclestone of the boating world. Mr. Mustang is a Renown offshore cruiser Westerly who has navigated everywhere and is still not ready for a pair of warm slippers as there are still many coves to explore and ports to visit. Mr Mustang is lonely despite being one of the best value blue water boats (£16,500) that Boatshed Gibraltar has listed; he is still to get an offer that he can't refuse.

Joanine, a Parker motor yacht, hails from a different era. Once owned by a count her beauty is unfaded. She is a superyacht of her era. At 23m length overall she will scare anyone except a plucky Bernie type who always wanted a model that caught people's attention. Boatshed Gibraltar has been trying to match Joanine to a suitable owner although I am bound to say you willl never really own a classic yacht like this . You are entrusted with its care for a number of years. Joanine is an eternal beauty and one day someone will come along and pay good money to take her away. At just £200,000 she is half the price of an apartment on the Rock of Gibraltar and twice the size and luxury. I am bemused that she is still on our books. Maybe there aren't that many Bernies in the world prepared tor take on the challenge of such a big and beauiful girl.

For a naked look at Joanine as she is gently lowered into a warm bath go to: Click here to watch the video