This is the message from Yacht Brokers this week as they report another month of buoyant sales.

Peter Watt from Boatshed Portsmouth claims that despite the difficult market a number of factors are adding to decent sales results recently, "The strength of the Euro is making buyers from all over Europe look to UK boats as they are better value at this time, plus all the talk of gloom and doom has brought more boats onto the market"

Steve from Boatshed Essex comments "Buyers are motivated by realistic prices and sellers are taking advantage in the upsurge in activity, In February we have had 8 boats sold and 5 under offer, It’s fantastic!"

Even the clouds of Economic turmoil in America have some flashes of silver as Scott from Boatshed Florida reports "Suddenly someone turned on the taps! We have over 400 buyer leads we are managing this month with 15 deals on the board and 10 boats going to Europe, it's real busy"

Across the Boatshed group of offices the message is similar "Boats are selling!"

Neil Chapman from Boatshed quotes
"Many boats are currently well priced and there are lots of opportunities for good deals at this time, as a group we specialise in selling used boats and this appears to be where the majority of activity is at the moment." says Neil

"However we cannot afford to be complacent, we are continually striving to create more awareness for the business, our boats and why it is different with Boatshed!
We continue to work really hard to add value to the boat sales process, 70 detailed photos, lots and lots of technical detail and information, personally visiting each boat, new technology and new ideas such as our online auction system '' and our new customer tools such as BoatFinder are all helping to keep the business moving in difficult times."

For more information on how we are doing and how Boatshed might help you, please contact any of our Boatshed Offices Boatshed Offices