So you crossed the Atlantic nearly 18 months ago and soon the tax vultures will start circling for their pound of your hard earned flesh. The time is fast approaching when you will have to pay VAT and if in Spain, Matriculation Tax. 

What can be done? Set course for the iconic Rock at the entrance to the Mediterranean and let Boatshed Gibraltar help you. Gibraltar is an ideal location to leave your boat for sale with its benevolent tax system (there is no VAT or Matriculation Tax here).  With the airport walking distance from three marinas (2 on British territory and 1 in Spain) it's an ideal place for buyers to visit. Over 90% of purchasers are non-residents looking for yachts. Boatshed Gibraltar helps them through the entire process from identifying suitable boats to providing training on your own new vessel. Many of our buyers are looking to sail away from Europe and therefore see no point in acquiring yachts with VAT paid status or those compliant with EU red tape.

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